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N65518 - C172P Based at 5I4




  • Regular Club Member: $145 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $160 per hour (wet)
  • Flying Squirrel (EAA): $140 per hour (wet)


  • Basic primary student trainer
  • Basic IFR trainer
  • Dual NAV/COM, Dual CDIs with GS

Restrictions and Requirements

  • TRAINER AIRPLANE - Schedule restrictions may apply.
  • Student Pilot
  • $30K Minimum Required Hull Damage Insurance.
    $50K Maximum Liability
  • Initial checkout 1 hour minimum.
  • Currency 1 hour/month (172, 172RG, Cherokee 180) or CFI checkout.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • Place “Hornet” heater inside cowl on top of the engine and plug into extension cord. Make sure the extension cord is not plugged into the outlet on a timer.
  • Install blanket and cowl plugs. 
  • Cockpit preheater: Place on floor inside cabin with extension cord running through the co-pilots window so it doesn't pinch in the door. These are only to be used while you're preflighting the airplane. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED!