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N9924B - Cessna 172RG Based at OKK

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  • Regular Club Member: $180 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $200 per hour (wet)


  • Advanced IFR trainer
  • Complex trainer
  • Garmin 530W NAV/COM/GPS with WAAS enables LNAV and LPV GPS approaches, vertical guidance on non-precision approaches, hold entry instructions and depictions for published holds, and more.
  • Garmin GTX-345 transponder with ADS-B In provides in-flight NEXRAD weather radar, METARs, information on other traffic in the air with you and much more.  Basic information is displayed on the panel-mounted 530W.  If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device and use Garmin Pilot or Foreflight, you can connect your device to the airplane wirelessly and see richly detailed information updated in real time during flight.
  • Panel mounted Garmin 396 with XM Weather
  • Shadin Miniflow-L Fuel Totalizer provides remaining fuel, fuel to destination, fuel consumption, etc.
  • JPI EDM-700 engine monitor provides detailed vital engine information
  • Cessna autopilot with coupled approach, S-Tec altitude hold module

Restrictions and Requirements

  • Solo operations at 8I3 and other grass strips prohibited.
  • Private Pilot w/complex endorsement.
  • $50K Minimum Required Hull Damage.
    $100K Maximum Liability.
  • Minimum 100 hours total time.
  • Minimum 25 hours retractable time.
  • Initial checkout 1 hour minimum.
  • 5 hours time in make and model.
  • Currency 1 hour/month (172RG) or CFI checkout.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • Tanis heater.
  • Ceramic cabin heater.
  • Plug in extension cord to side of cowl for tanis engine heater.
  • Install blanket and cowl plugs.
  • Cockpit preheater: Place on floor inside cabin. These are only to be used while you're preflighting the airplane. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED! Be careful not to pinch cord in door. Best to run the extension cord through the co-pilots window.

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