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N2732L - C172H Based at 5I4



  • Regular Club Member: $110 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $125 per hour (wet)
  • Flying Squirrel (EAA): $100 per hour (wet)


  • Basic primary student trainer
  • Dual NAV/COM, Dual CDIs with GS

Restrictions and Requirements

  • TRAINER AIRPLANE - Schedule restrictions may apply.
  • Student Pilot
  • $5,000 maximum member damage liability.
  • Initial checkout 1 hour minimum.
  • Currency 1 hour/month (172, 172RG or Cherokee 180) or CFI checkout.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • Apply pre-heat when temperature is below freezing.
  • Do not leave preheater unattended.
  • Duct work is delicate - handle with care.
  • Preheater is in 3 parts: Propane heater and tank, 2 duct hoses (delicate)
  • Detach duct hoses before moving heater. (they will slid on and off)
  • Heater start up procedure is explained on placard attached to heater.
  • Pre heat engine between 20 and 30 minutes. VERY HOT - DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED!
  • After use, set up heater like you found it.

Preheater and both hoses:

  • Position heater with hoses detached. This makes it easier to move and provides less stress on the duct work.
  • Place heater as shown.
  • Attach duct work after you have positioned heater as shown.
  • Long duct goes into the baggage compartment under rear seat.
  • Short duct attaches to nose strut as shown. Use wire attached to end of duct to secure under cowling:

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