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N739KS - C172N Based at OKK


  • Regular Club Member: $145 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $160 per hour (wet)
  • Flying Squirrel (EAA): $140 per hour (wet)


  • Basic primary student trainer
  • Dual NAV/COM, Dual CDIs with GS

Restrictions and Requirements

  • TRAINER AIRPLANE - Schedule restrictions may apply.
  • Student Pilot
  • $30K Minimum Required Hull Damage.
    $50K Maximum Liability.
  • Initial checkout 1 hour minimum.
  • Currency 1 hour/month (172, 172RG, Cherokee 180) or CFI checkout.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • Place “Hornet” heater inside cowl on top of the engine.
  • Ceramic cabin heater.
  • Plug extension cord to cord inside of oil access door on top of cowl for tanis engine heater.
  • Install blanket and cowl plugs. Take precaution to make sure that oil access door is down or flat to avoid damage due to weight of blanket.
  • Cockpit preheater: Place on floor inside cabin. These are only to be used while you're preflighting the airplane. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED! Be careful not to pinch cord in door. Best to run the extension cord through the co-pilots window.

Documents and Manuals

PDF icon Fact Book5.45 MB
Microsoft Office document icon Checklist58 KB
PDF icon Aircraft Weight & Balance209.92 KB
PDF icon POH2.84 MB