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N9712N - Citabria Based at OKK

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  • Regular Club Member: $145 per hour (wet)
  • Associate Club Member: $150 per hour (wet)
  • Flying Squirrels: $140 per hour (wet)

Restrictions and Requirements

  • None - Dual Only.

Preheating (Winter Ops)

  • PREHEAT:  No preheat then forget it.  For best results electric style heaters need to be on for 1 hour prior to flight.  Gas heaters 20-30 mins and do not leave gas heaters unattended.
  • Pull prop through 8 times with throttle CLOSED.  This sucks fuel into the cylinders.  When you see fuel drip out the bottom of the cowl you should stop pulling the prop.... you've effectively primed the engine. 
  • Carb Heat on.  Leave on until just before take-off.
  • 2 strokes on primer and leave out, ready to add more as it's running.
  • Ignition on Left Mag Only.
  • Throttle still closed, carb heat still on, pull prop to start. Do not pump throttle!  Do not push throttle foward!  Keep throttle closed!Use primer as necessary to keep running.  Once started mags on both.
  • If you go to taxi and the engine starts to quit then DO NOT ADD THROTTLE.  Matter of fact just the opposite, if engine starts to quit then pull throttle back to the stop.
  • Very seldom will this technique not work.  If it doesn't work then either it's too cold to fly or the airplane needs some work.

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